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Tips How to Move Your Home in the Winter

Moving your home is not an easy thing to handle. Although it is associated with positive emotions and anew better beginning it can also be a very stressful and frustrating process. You should plan and organize it very carefully to make your life easier. Moving is very much depending on weather conditions.  Heath, Rain, Cold, Fog are all going to affect the moving process. Usually unfavorable weather makes moving even harder to handle. That is way you need to carefully check the atmospheric conditions before you set up a moving date.

Sometimes you have to relocate in the winter. As this is a season that does not favor moving you should prepare well for it and follow some specific tips, which you can read below.

First of all, before setting the exact moving date you have to check with your real estate agent if the new property is ready for your moving - ask if all the repairs are over, if the place is cleaned and if the heating system and the lights are working properly. As it is going to be very cold and you will have to spend all your time in your new home you have to be sure that it is absolutely ready for living.

Then you should make sure that the sidewalks, walks and driveways, if any, in front of your current and new homes are cleared from snow and ice. If needed salt the areas.  This way you can load and unload your belongings easily. Otherwise you can suffer serious injuries and also damage your items. As the danger of slipping is high you should treat this really seriously. If you are moving to a different city have your real estate agent or future landlord to take care of this.

You should plan your route carefully. Avoid small roads as they can be snowy and icy. Make sure you check if the roads on your travel plan are opened and save to travel on. as winter is a season full of bad surprises you should always have a backup plan. If a winter storm is threatening your move, then you should have an option to postpone it. This is especially applicable if you have hired professional movers. You need to check what company's terms and conditions are for such situations. Talk also to your landlord if you can stay few more days. Plan this ahead to avoid frustrating situations.

Next thing you should do is to carefully check your moving van. It should be in a perfect working condition. You should also equip the vehicle with all the necessary winter equipment. It's a good idea to carry chains, extra windshield fluid and salt to prevent unwanted surprises. Bringing a snow shovel is also a smart move.

You should also make sure you have hot drinks available such as tea or coffee or hot milk. Everyone who is helping you with the move will be very happy and grateful if you offer a hot cup of tea or coffee.

And last but not least make sure your sell phone is fully charged and that it is working properly. You should also have all the necessary phone numbers with you such as roadside assistance, highway patrol, etc. This will ensure your safety and it will also give you a peace of mind.

Moving home in the winter is usually cheaper but you should carefully consider all the possible issues that can occur because of bad weather conditions. So check the weather well, dress warm and prepare yourself for a winter moving.