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Things Your Mover Won't Tell You

1.    "Your complaints will go nowhere".
The problem with movers is that most regulations are not legally enforced which causes a big issue. The moving industry is one of the most troublesome in many countries, so when you choose one keep in mind that there is always risk.

2.    "My coverage might not cover much".
Some of the biggest and most common complaints against moving companies are for lost, broken or stolen possessions. Most interstate movers, for instance, offer a small amount of coverage, so if you want an extra insurance you will have to pay for it extra. If you do decide to get insurance from the moving company, make sure you know what you are getting.

3.    "Your claim probably won't be paid anyway".
There are many tricks movers use in order to postpone paying you for their damage, or to sneak out of paying altogether. One of their common tricks is that the item was already damaged inside the box, before they moved it. The other way for them not to pay is by sitting on insurance claim, which usually takes months and months. The moving company hopes that the client will just get tired of waiting and forget about the claim. Keep in mind that most movers won't insure you for the possessions you pack yourself, but in order to get insurance for these items you should pay them to pack them first.

4.    "I am willing to do anything so that you agree to my estimate".
Prices of moving services are getting higher and higher and the cost of moving a three-room flat may go up to a few thousands. In order to determine the right cost for the service, get at least three estimates from different companies. Beware of the lowest bidder, because there are companies which give you one price and then they demand additional charges on your doorstep.

5.    "I can be as late as I wish and good luck in finding me".
When you sign the agreement with the moving company there are two set dates - for picking up your possessions and for delivering them to the new address. The first part rarely causes problems, but arriving at the new place on time could be an issue. If you are doing a cross-country move, the moving truck can be late for all the typical reasons - bad traffic and bad weather, but there are other reasons as well. The long-distance moving truck usually carries at least two families' households whose new properties could be 500 km away from each other or more. This causes delays for which you usually can't complain, so all you can do is sit and wait.

6.    "No tip is too outrageous and I will try to get that tip".
Even if the moving company doesn't charge you any additional costs for the move, the movers often try many ways to get your cash. They will complain of the heat or how heavy your boxes are, they might unpack and pack again boxes they don't approve of. Some movers even try to threaten the client. A way out of this situation is to ask beforehand how much the movers will expect as tips from you.

7.    "My company doesn't exist".
This is the true nightmare of everyone who is moving house. Illegitimate companies post their ads, and then when they are called, they come to the house, give an estimate of the service and require a deposit. Once they have the deposit they simply vanish. You mustn't agree to pay a deposit and always check whether the mover is a licensed one before you pay them.