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The Office Removal of the Pro

Facing an office move soon? The reasons can vary - employing more people, downsizing or looking for a better location. Despite the reason, the goal always remains the same - a quick, smooth and stress-free removal which won't affect the business or the productivity of your staff. You will need to follow some tips which can help you cope with this challenge just like a professional. Know that the office move shouldn't be a process during which you are rushing and making everyone rush too. It has to be, above all, properly organized, as it will involve your staff and they should have a say in it too. First of all, inform your employees - they should know about the move as soon as you do. The process of relocation involves not only adjusting mentally to the idea, but changes in terms of commute too. If you want to relocate the office while the business is running, everyone should try their best to help out. Here are some useful guidelines on this task.

Tip 1: Pre-plan
Moving an office that is fully operational is not easy. You have to inform your business partners and clients too. The relocation of the office requires a substantial budget and plenty of time for packing. If you can afford to pay for the entire process to be done by the movers, then it's good to choose the most convenient time too. This way you can do some packing yourself and even ask among your staff for volunteers. Weekend office moves are much more expensive, but that's the easiest way to keep the business going and start fresh on Monday. Discuss with the movers your role in the process, as well as what your employees can pack.

Tip 2: Consider the time for the move
If you are in the middle of a big project or there are important plans for the business in the next few months, think how to plan the date of the move, so it doesn't affect the business negatively. The best time is end of summer, around mid-September.  Consider any agreements with business partners and clients and don't let the move determine everything else.

Tip 3: Be organized
Even if you hire someone to organize the whole move, you will still need to add your share to the process. As a boss your employees will turn to you if something bothers them so you need to be prepared for a staff meeting or personal conversations with some employees.

Tip 4: Hire a reliable company
No business deserves to suffer because of poorly executed removal. Neither do the employees. Hiring a reliable removals company for the task is essential for your success. Don't be fooled by really cheap quotes as they might be hiding plenty of additional fees. Overall, if you want it done well, be prepared to pay for the good service. The best in the business with removals may charge you higher than you wish, but they will secure the safety of your equipment, office furniture and goods 100%.

There are many things that can be said about office removals, but until you start organizing yours you can't really imagine all the little details and all the hard work. There is a lot going on, but with the right moving company by your side and with plenty of communication with your employees, you will manage more than successfully.