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Serviced Apartments: Your Home Away from Home

One of the lodging options available to business travellers is the serviced apartment. This can be the cheaper and more practical option if the stay is going to be a bit longer, as these types of accommodations offer better value for money as compared to hotels and similar establishments.   Service apartments, in a nutshell, refer to apartments that are like hotels - except that you rent it out like an apartment, and the terms are for longer stays, like for at least a week or months. Service apartments are good for people who don't need to be in town long enough to actually relocate, but need the convenience of having their own kitchens, for example. Serviced apartments differ from the regular rented apartments in the sense that the former has arrangements similar to a hotel, while the latter means you having to actually move in and rent the place out legally, complete with contracts and everything.   Serviced apartments offer many amenities that other temporary lodgings do not have - it's basically like having an apartment of your own, just on different terms, without you having to bring in any furniture or facilitate an actual move on your part. For many, it's the most convenient and practical choice for temporary but semi-long term lodgings.