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Packing Tips for a Stress-free Move

Moving can bring forward many wonderful experiences. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and find a better career. However, performing a move involves lots of work. It can also be extremely stressful if not handled correctly.  These suggestions might help make the move as painless and smooth as possible.
1.    Go over everything you own and only take what's necessary. Discard all the stuff you know you'll never use again like books or out-of-fashion clothes. This not only saves you money, it also helps create an uncluttered look for your new home.
2.    Get moving boxes from local supermarkets. Be sure to get several standard sized boxes so you can conveniently carry them from one place to another.
3.    Pack the rarely-used items as early as possible so you'll have fewer items to pack as the moving day approaches.
4.    Label each boxes with the room they belong to - kitchen, dining room etc. Also make an inventory of the items in each box so you can monitor the items being delivered.
5.    Once you have efficiently packed your items, you can now face the task of hiring movers. Be sure to find a reputable mover in your area. Search for reviews and records that will determine whether your prospective mover is genuine and trustworthy.