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Moving To A New Home - How To Pack The Electronics?

Undoubtedly, moving to a new home is a delicate task. Overdosed with happy feelings, being excited about moving to a new home, putting a new "start" it is very likely that you might forget to pack something and or to pack it in a hurry and when you arrive in the new home and start unpacking you might find out that some of your items have been damaged. And this might cause you nerves, time and money to repair it. This is a very common issue especially when we are talking about electronics. Electronics are the things that might easily get damaged when moving to a new place and their repair will definitely cost you. In order to avoid damages we offer you a few useful tips on how to pack the electronics in order to prevent them.

First of all, you will need some specific things and material. Here they are:
1.    Instructions for use guide
2.    The original box you have bought the item in or at least a steady box with handles
3.    Packing material that will keep the item safe from hits
4.    Coloured sticky notes
5.    Marker
6.    Scotch tape
7.    Bags

And now that we have all the necessary material, let's get to work.

1.    Check the instructions guide for any specific requirements or instructions regarding the device. If you do not keep the guide, check the manufacturer website for the required information.

2.    If your electronic devices contain a toner or an ink bag, take them out and put them into a tightly closed bag, together with the device they belong to. Take out all CDs, DVDs from your computer and other devices.

3.    If you are keeping the original packing of the devices, it is highly recommendable that you use them for the removal. If you haven't kept them, you can buy the necessary boxes from the special stores and shops.

4.    Buy coloured sticky notes that are big enough so that you can write detailed descriptions of your devices on them.

5.    Before you switch electricity off mark with the sticky notes which cable to which leader and to which end should go.

6.    Once electricity is switched off, make sure to pack away the cables, make sure they are well packed and there is no risk that they might get wet if it is raining outside during the removal.

7.    When packing electronic devices you'd better use antistatic Styrofoam in order to prevent the device from getting hit and hence possible damages. Never use materials that lead electricity through them. This might damage your device during the removal.

8.    Disassemble your electrical devices and pack the parts with scotch tape and Styrofoam.

9.    Put Styrofoam on the bottom of the box that you will be carrying the devices in.

10.    Use Styrofoam to fill any empty spaces in the box with the device to prevent it from hits during the removal.

11.    Do not forget - when closing the box, it is a must to mark it as "fragile" and to draw an arrow to point to the top of the box.

Remember: if your electronic devices are too sensible when it comes to high temperatures it might be better to consider to take it with you in the car during the removal.