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Moving into a Small Flat? Some Helpful Tips to Make the Move Go Easier

Moving homes can be a stressful process. Especially when you’re moving out, or into, a small, narrow flat, or if your flat is on the fourth-or-fifth floor or above, transporting all your furniture can be an extremely mentally and physically taxing task. Luckily, there are a few helpful tips that will make it go a lot easier and quicker. 1)    Enrol your friends into helping youIf you’ve been good to your friends over the years, the least they can do is help you when you need them the most. With almost any task, the more people the more efficient the task will go. This is certainly true when it comes to moving into a new flat. This advice is specific to those of you moving into small flats, but is general advice that will help anyone move anywhere, no matter how big or small your house. 2)    Take all legs and wheels off of your upholsteryGetting your sofas, beds and wardrobes up stairs, around bends and corners becomes a thousand times easier when you have taken the legs or wheels off your upholstery. This is advice for anyone moving, but especially for people moving into small flats or homes. Taking the legs and wheels off may only shrink the dimensions of the upholstery by an inch or two, but if you have little wriggle-room as it is, then an inch or two is may be all you need. It can be the difference between keeping a sofa and having to abandonment on the account that you can’t fit it into your new flat. 3)    If using a removal company or Man and Van service, get every pennies worth.If you decide you have enough things to hire a Man and his Van service or if you decide that you have so many belongings your transport needs warrant the service of a removal company, then get your money’s worth. If, for example, none of your friends have be kind to help you move, then ask the Man and Van service if they’ll help you transport things. Most will, and removal companies will provide people to do this for you as part of the service. However, some Man and Van services will not include this in their price. If you ask though most will help you transport your heavy items. They’ll have ample experience of moving furniture and could really help you out. 4)    Unpack your furniture first.For most of us, our furniture will be the heaviest, largest items we need to transport. Because you are moving into a small flat, it is advisable to unpack your furniture first. If you unpack other, smaller things first, such as mirrors, books, and what not, then when it comes to bringing in the heavy duty items – your sofa and wardrobes – finding a space for them may be a hassle with a cluttered up, unorganised floor. Put your heavy items where you want to first and then rearrange all your other things around them. 5)    Unpack room-by-roomAfter unpacking your heaviest items first, proceed to unpack room-by-room. If you just start to bring in arbitrary items that you plan to store in different rooms, then it’s just going to create a cluttered unorganised mess. To avoid this, simply unpack room-by-room. This will mean you’ll need to pack your things up from your old flat in an order so that you can unpack your furniture first and then room-by-room next. Such complicated organisation requires careful planning. But, for a small flat especially, it helps massively to unpack a room, set up that room and then move onto the next one.