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Moving In To A New Home

So once the hard part is over: packing everything up, arranging for furniture removals, talking to a man with a van and generally tearing your hair out with all the change of address and box buying that you have to do. Now you can get to the fun part. Unpacking or still having all your stuff lying about in removal boxes may seem like an impossible task but the best way to look at it is an exciting new start and you can arrange everything exactly how you like it. If it still seems like you are staring at a mountain you are supposed to climb then try some of these tips to get you up the first few steps.

-    Take your time.

Once you have got out the things you need such as a few changes of clothes, your essentials and bed sheets then you can relax a little bit. You want to get to things whenever you have some spare time but there is no need to rush it and throw things away messily. Put everything away carefully so that you can really enjoy it when it’s done. Get the TV out or some music so you have something to get stuff done to.

-    Get friends involved.

Having company and a few extra hands on board is going to be really helpful when it comes to unpacking. It also gives your friends a chance to see your new home. It’s a good idea to get some extra pairs of eyes in to see what will work best where and the extra hands can help you change any furniture around. Get some food and drinks involved and make a night of it, you will soon see how fun a house relocation can be.

-    Clean and dust.

Now that the movers have gone you can wipe over your new surfaces. Even if your place has been cleaned before moving in, the chances are it has got dusty or dirty from the move and people coming in and out, keep some wet wipes and a duster handy and give everything a once over.

-    Use your draws and wardrobes first.

You want to get everything put away so start to fill up drawers and wardrobes first. Make piles to begin with and then put them away so that you can get organized and find out how much space you are going to need.

-    Look into trash and recycling.

You may have a lot of waste left over from you move so you will need to look into recycling options and large waste removal. Sometimes the council will come and take away items for free if you let them know in advance and there are lots of sites where you can recycle old boxes, there will always be someone who is willing to take them off your hands for their own move.

-    Complete your list.

Chances are you made a moving checklist, now is a good time to have a look over it and see if there is anything you have missed or anyone you have forgotten to tell that you are moving house. It will also be rewarding to tick everything off that you have already done.

-    Throw a party.

Having a house warming in place will give you the incentive to get things finished, if you have an event to work to then you will get to work rather than leaving those few boxes lying around unpacked. Enjoy all your finishing touches like adding flowers, cushions and candles to make the place homely.