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How to Make a Smooth and Successful Do-It-Yourself Move

The best way to save money is to do the move yourself. But in order to be able to do this smoothly, you need to start preparing early and you also need to plan well.
Pack Early
As soon as the move has been decided, start sorting your things and segregate the things that you will bring from those that you need to get rid of. Then get enough packing materials. It would be easier to pack by rooms. Pack the things you need least to the things you need most. Do not pack any box too heavy so it can easily be lifted. Make sure you finish packing when the day of the move arrives.
Get Some Volunteers
Family and friends are usually willing to help. But make sure you make an appointment at least two weeks earlier than the move to make sure they will be available. To be sure that you have enough people, look at your biggest and heaviest item and assess how many people are needed to lift it. An extra person or two would be good but do not overcrowd the area. Or else, there won't be any order during the move.
Your Transportation
Knowing how many and the sizes of your boxes, rent a van or a truck that is appropriately sized for the move. A little extra space may be fine. But renting a vehicle that is too big would only cost you more money.
If all of these are planned and coordinated well, you should have an orderly move. At the end of the day, you would have saved money too. Just don't forget to give your volunteers some treats for their efforts.