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How To Keep Fragile Items Safe In Moving Vans

The entire concept of the man with a van service was specially formulated for small removals. Whether you are planning local home removals or you want someone to help you out with dorm removals, the man and van hire service is a great one. As most people usually associate professional removal services with large moving trucks, a very common worry that many express is with regard to the safety of fragile and delicate items being stored inside the removal van. Whether it your fine china you are worried about or the glass-top table, you should know that your belongings are just as safe inside the moving van as they are inside a removals truck. The trick is in packing and storing everything properly.   While a lot of man with van professionals provide both packing and moving services, you might want to pack your things on your own to save some money, or to have something to do before the removals. Even if you are hiring packers and movers, knowing these tips on how to keep fragile items safe inside the removals van will contribute towards safe and happy house moves. The first step to keeping things safe during man with removals is to have the right packing materials on hand. You will need sturdy moving boxes, old newspapers and bubble wrap for lining and cushioning and strong rope and packing tape for sealing the boxes shut. You should always invest in quality packaging materials but with fragile items it is all the more important because the risk of these things cracking and breaking is greater. For items that need to be stacked one on top of another, such as crockery and dishes, you should look for wooden boxes or containers. Wooden packing containers are extremely strong and can absorb most of the shocks and vibrations inside the moving van. As a result, the usual bumps and shudders don’t even reach the delicate items stored inside the wooden containers. Granted, you will be spending a bit more on wooden reinforced containers than you would on regular cardboard packing boxes but they are an investment and you can use them to store things at your new place and use them again if you plan house removals in the future. Cushioning and layering is just as important as proper packing. Since most of the risk to fragile items comes from the bumps and potholes on the roads, you need put in layers to absorb the shocks and keep your fragile things from rattling around and shattering. A few layers of old newspaper or crumpled papers balls make a great base for the moving boxes. After putting in the items, fill up any empty spaces with crumpled up paper or packing peanuts. You should remove as many empty spaces as you can as these leave room for things to move around and smash against one another. For items that are particularly delicate, you should wrap each piece in a sheet of bubble wrap separately. Whether you have individual packing boxes or you filling up a larger moving box with a number of pieces, wrapping things individually givens them an extra layer of cushioning and protection. If you let delicate things like china rub against one another they might not always break but you could end up with scratches on the surfaces and that wouldn’t be very nice either. With a few precautionary steps like these you can get the most out of your removal van and man service. With small movers you can enjoy an affordable moving house van service and also have some input in the moving process yourself.