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Furniture Removals: Pros and Cons of Hiring out Professionals and Doing it yourself

It is common knowledge that the process of moving is not an enjoyable one. Searching for a new home can stressful, as can be finding someone to purchase your old one (if you’re a home owner). Once you’ve sorted that all out, it’s time to turn your attention to the packing and organising of the move itself. This can seem like a mammoth of a task; everything in your home – every square inch – needs to packed and cleaned. But what may be the most stressful of all aspects of packing is moving your furniture. The bed-frames, the mattresses, the wardrobes, the desks, the kitchen appliances – all of them are extremely heavy and hard to navigate in narrow corridors in door frames. When it comes to moving your furniture, you really only have two options: either do it yourself, or hire a professional service to do it for you. Which one is better for you will largely depend on your individual circumstances. Below are the pros and cons of hiring out a professional service to do it for you, as well as the pros and cons of doing it yourself. Professional furniture removals:If you do hire out the service, professional furniture removals will come into your home, move all of your furniture into the van they provide, drive it to your new residence, and then unload everything from the van into the property. Pros:-    Saves you time: By hiring out a professional furniture removal service, all you will have to do is open the door and make sure the professionals have plenty of tea and biscuits to fuel themselves on.-    Sometimes it’s the only option: If you are moving alone, then moving all your furniture by yourself is a task near impossible. Some of you will have no choice but to hire a service to help you.-    You get a professional service: Furniture removers do this for a job day-in, day out. They will have knowledge and expertise of how to get sofas down winding staircases and through narrow corridors that you just don’t have. As such, if you do hire the service, the job will be done a lot more efficiently than if you did it yourself.-    It’s part of the package if you hire a removal service: If you’ve hired out a removal firm to take care of your transport needs, then moving furniture will just come as part of the package! Cons-    Price: Hiring out a removal service could cost you up to and beyond £200. If you’re working to a budget, then this may not be the right route for you to go down.DIY furniture removalsYou can if you want to, or if you feel the price of hiring out professionals is too high, carry out your furniture removals yourself. Pros-    Saves you money: Needless to say, by doing it yourself it saves you time and money. All you need to do is bring your hands and muscles-    Gives you a workout: Getting a wardrobe down two flights of stairs, a mattress and bed-frame down one, and a sofa out of the living room and into the van will be a better workout than any personal trainer can give you. Cons-    You will need to enrol the help of friends: Transporting all your furniture by yourself is just downright impossible. If you are moving alone, you will need to get your friends or family to help you.-    You will need to fork out for a vehicle of some kind: Whether it be a Man and Van or hiring out a vehicle to drive yourself – either way you’ll have to pay, albeit not as much as you for a professional furniture removal service.