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A Party During a Move is Always a Good Idea

Is there still a time to party in spite of being busy doing all the packing? There is always time and you might as well consider having a full blast and hold a packing party.
What about packing party? You can invite your friends to join you in welcoming your new home as they contribute in doing the packing chores. This can be a fun experience especially if you have planned the party pretty well. How are you going to plan your packing party?
Start with a guest list. Your guest list may include your friends and colleagues whom you find willing to enjoy and help you in your packing. Think the best schedule to hold the party. The most convenient date is during the weekend. Prepare the food and you can hire a caterer who will cook your most favourite dishes for you and friends to take delight. Afterwards, you send the invitations so you will know whether your friends are coming or not.
Though your mind is so focused about the entire moving process, you will be surprised that there is still space in there that says: have a blast while the party is on!