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Unpacking Services - What Do Movers Include in the Package?

Moving to a new location can be a hectic process. Hiring a professional unpacking service for moving your belongings to a new home will ensure that your belongings are delivered safely and promptly. However, a lot of people make a mistake by not going for an unpacking service or hiring an ordinary moving service that does not offer these value-additions. If you want superior service from your moving company, you need to make sure that movers include unpacking service also in their package.
Here's a checklist to know what you should look for whilst hiring an unpacking service:
1. Check the extent of services offered by the moving company in terms of unpacking. Do they offer services locally and regionally or international as well? Do they cater to residential needs or do they handle corporate moving as well?
2. Find out if they professionally pack your items including providing special care for valuable possessions and breakable items
3. You also need to check that the packing boxes and materials are provided by the moving company or not.

4. During the process of moving, if anything breaks, they should let you know by making a list of broken things.
5. Check if they provide insurance coverage for damaged items and items that were lost during shifting.
6. Some unpacking service providers also offer extra cleaning services.
7. The unpacking service should organise all the rooms of your house, make beds, cabins, drawers, and cupboards.
8. You can provide instructions to them to put curtains, blinds, assemble and arrange furniture, and other decorative items.
9. They should take away all the packing boxes and materials.
Hence, you need to get in touch with the moving company and talk about the services they are providing and then take a constructive decision.