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Color Sticker Method for an Express Move

You need to prepare a lot of things before moving day. One of these includes the boxes you will be designating in each room once you reach your destination. You may have a lot of boxes to carry in your new home. And it may be hard to recognize which box belongs to a particular room. However, you can make this moving process quick and easy with a simple method: the color sticker method.
Friends and family are always willing to help in the unloading and unpacking process. As the owner, you don't want to keep telling them where to put each box. This can be tiring, not to mention time consuming. However, with the color sticker method, you don't need much supervision to ensure everything goes to the right rooms.
The first thing that you need to do is buy a color sticker. Then, assign a color to every room. After that, make sure you write down what color is assigned for each room. The second step is done before the moving day. Visit your new home and place the assigned colored stickers on the door or the wall. Lastly, write numbers on the color stickers to recognize which floor they belong to. If the box belongs to a bedroom in the second level, simply write a two.
With the color sticker method, movers will easily find the right rooms for each box. This method will surely save you lots of time and will make the moving less stressful.