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Checklist To Help You in Your Moving Day

Moving is a very stressful event. You will never know what will happen on your move day. Here are some important items that you need to do on your moving day. They are listed in one checklist:
Clean Your Room Properly
If you share a room with someone, make sure to clean your room properly before you leave.  Your landlord will inspect your room once you leave. You will pay for additional charges if you leave a messy room.
Be There For the Final Inspection
Make sure you are present when someone checks your room for final inspection. Final inspection is very important because it is the process where the landlord checks your room and look for any damages that could be deducted from your deposit or that could be added as extra charges before you totally move out from the room.
Take Photos of Your Room
Always make sure to take some photos of your room. Take photos of every corner of it and all its walls. Pay attention to every detail. Set your camera where it reflects the date. This is for documentation purposes.
Inform Utility Bills
Do not forget to pay for your utility bills and inform them that you are moving out. This will inform them that you are moving out and if you do not need their services, request for the cancellation of their service. There are some utilities where you pay them on a monthly basis and not by the number of usage. If you forget to inform them until your moving date, you might contiously be charged for the services that you no longer use.
Give Your Keys to Your Landlord
Do not forget to surrender your keys to your Landlord. Most of the time, movers usually forget to give their room keys to their landlord, ending up driving back from where they move to their previous landlord for just a pair of keys.
These are the important tips that you should not forget. These items should always be present in your checklist on your moving day.