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About Belgium

Welcome to Belgium Removals, the leading name in European removals companies. For a decade now, we have been bringing out high quality service to people and companies looking to leave London behind and set up shop in Belgium and beyond. However, after years of honing our service to try and ensure the very best for our big project customers, we have expanded our range to bring us closer to our London home as well. We now offer the self same service to people looking to move across London or anywhere else in the UK so whether you are moving your business or your family, whether you are moving across the city or across the continent, you have the option of choosing a company capable of dealing with whatever issues the process might throw up.

As with every business, when we were starting out all those years ago we were looking for something that would make us stand out, a few areas where we are able to go above and beyond our competition and offer our customers a level of service that surpasses even their highest expectations.

We decided to target three main areas. Firstly, we wanted to look at stress. Stress has become synonymous with moving house over the last few years and we we adamant that it didn’t have to be this way. We decided that there were a number of ways we could tackle stress. Firstly, we had to be as thorough as possible with our quote, to ensure that there are no hidden costs and you knew from the off what you were paying. Secondly, we had to offer a flexible range of optional services. As a result, you can choose from any or none of our packing services, cleaning services or storage solutions when you are moving home or office. If your plans change, we are flexible to your needs and even if you don’t require these services, just knowing that they are there for you if you need them can be a great relief.

When it comes to cost we knew that tying it into our stress free mantra would be key. That’s why your quote is free. It’s why all the costs of optional extras are explained to you at the beginning, so that if your circumstances change you need some extra help, you know exactly what the cost will be before you call us up. Given the in depth and personal nature of our service we firmly believe that our prices are not only competitive, they are beyond comparison.

However, we firmly believe that it is our service that sets us apart. Not only do we invest heavily in our vans, constantly updating them to ensure that they are modern, well serviced and have the most up to date security systems, we also invest heavily in our staff. Nobody who works on your project will have undergone anything less than months of training, not only in the physical aspects of our work, but more importantly in our ethos.

Respect is a huge part of our mindset, because in many ways it nicely ties in with the areas that we wanted to target. By respecting you we can give you the fairest price. By respecting your circumstances, your family and your coworkers we can reduce stress, and by respecting your possessions and the buildings that you are leaving behind to moving into, we can give you the very best service available.

So whatever your project, whatever your circumstance, whatever you need, you can get in touch with one of our dedicated team members today and get your move up and running with minimum fuss and maximum security.