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Traveling and Moving With Pets

Of course, if you or any of your family members are the type who like animals and keep pets, when you move, they will be automatically be included with you when you move.
Being living things though, there are special considerations you have to take for the pets you bring along in a move, since you obviously cannot just pack them in a box and toss them inside your moving truck.
Of course, one of the first things you should consider is bringing something with you that your pet can eat, especially in long distance or cross country moves. Your pets should always have enough to eat, as they might also be stressed out by the activity going on as you and your family prepare to move to a new place.
You should also consider where your pets will relieve themselves during the trip. For smaller pets like guinea pigs or hamsters or birds or white mice or even fish, their respective cages and enclosures are already designed to hold feces so you only have to worry about throwing accumulated filth away during stopovers and the like, unlike when you have a cat or a dog that can poop on you anytime. The solution is to bring a litter box where they can stay and defecate during the trip.