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Relieving the Stress of Removals

Part of the reason why dealing with moving and removals is usually such a stress filled time is because from the moment you begin packing to the moment you've unpacked everything in your new location, all of the space both in your old home and in the new one will be covered in boxes. Personal space is a very important feature in our daily lives because it lets us relax and recharge, whilst distancing ourselves from everyday worries. But when moving, in the form of boxes, packing materials and piles of clutter is constantly present around us, relaxation becomes near impossible. This is why it is extremely important to not allow the removals to take up every area of your home and lifestyle; to compartmentalize. But how should you go about doing this?
Well, we've all heard about the "one room" rule. If, by any chance you haven't, the "one room" rule states that, after moving into your new home, you should first take care to completely unpack and arrange one room, which will serve as a home base of sorts - a place to relax, work or do whatever it is you need to do, while unpacking the rest of the house. This is an extremely helpful strategy, not only when moving in, but also when moving out. During removals you will obviously have to pack everything, however, take care to keep all of the boxes, packing materials and all of the action completely outside of your "one room". This could be the bedroom, for example, since that is generally a room you should pack last and is meant  as a place of rest and relaxation. Now, making this your one room does not mean that you have to spend all of your free time in there. What it means is that, if you want to stay at home, but still get away from the hustle and bustle of the move, you can go in there and take a few minutes, go online, read a book or take a power nap. And here we come to the second point.

Even after packing up everything or almost everything, it is a good idea to keep a few emergency items with you. For the most part this "survival kit" is pretty self-explanatory - bed sheets, spare clothes, tooth brush and paste and the rest - but what is rarely mentioned is that it should also include some sort of entertainment. Better yet, bring more than one kind of entertainment - a book and maybe an music player will be a welcome distraction when all of your things are packed up and later on the road and in your new place before everything is unpacked.

Another thing you can do to distract yourself is to enlist the help of friends with the packing and removals. Even if you do choose a company to handle most of the work, there will still be a lot left for you to do. While packing and moving boxes isn't exactly as fun as a night out, it can still be a fun bonding experience with many amusing anecdotes coming out of it in the end. This will definitely relieve some of the stress involved in the removals. And you could always reward your mates with a trip to the pub to recharge afterwards.