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Man and Van Services: How to Get the Most for your Money

Moving home can be an expensive process, not to mention stressful as well. You have to fork out for either a security or mortgage deposit on your new home, and then you have to spend money on transporting all your items from your soon-to-be old property to the one you have recently bought. In this economic environment, it is no surprise to find almost everyone trying to save as much money as possible in every excursion they undertake, and moving is no different. When it comes transporting all your worldly possessions from A to B, you really only have three options, unless you are already the owner of suitably sized vehicle. You can either hire a removal firm, a vehicle to drive yourself, or you can hire a Man with a Van service. Removal firms are the most popular choice, but they are also the most expensive. They are far from ideal if you are working to a strict budget. Hiring out a vehicle to drive yourself will set you back anywhere from £70 an upwards, so also not great if you are trying to save money. However, a Man and Van service will roughly charge you £25 an hour to hire out a man with a 3.5 tonne sized van. So if you are moving locally (or anywhere that doesn’t take more than 2 hours to get to) and you can fit everything you own into the back of a 3.5 tonne van, then this could the solution to your transport problems if you are working to a strict budget. Although they already charge a low comparatively to use their service, there are some methods which can see you get the service for even cheaper. Here are but a few ways. 1)    Get multiple quotes from multiple companiesNo matter where you reside in the country, a plethora of Man and Van companies will be operating in your area. As a Man and Van company is so easy to set up (all you need is a van and a driving license), there is a lot of competition within the Man and Van services market, which means you save more money. The first step to getting a balance between the best and cheapest service is to get loads of quotes from loads of different companies. Do not, by any means, take the first quote you get; it most likely will not be the cheapest. Instead get as many quotes as you can from local companies operating in your area. Once you armed with an inventory of quotes, you can then phone all these companies up again use the quotes you have gotten to drive the prices down. Do not feel scared to haggle – many Man and Van services will be willing to negotiate on price, especially ones that are relatively new and are actively looking for customers in order to promote their business. 2)    Ask if they have discountsMany Man and Van companies will have special deals or discounts on offer, but they may not be willing to offer them to you unless you ask for them. If you look around online, you should be able to find a few Man and Van companies who are offering up 20% of the hourly fee if you decide to book online. This is not because they are a terrible company and have to sell their services for less, rather they are offering a discount either because they are a new company looking to build up a customer base, or they are company who want to keep a fluid cash-flow.