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How to Stay Sane When Packing for a Move

Most people take weeks, sometimes months to organize their move. We usually spend countless months searching for our dream house, discussing terms with a real estate agent and use the remaining days hoping and praying that we got the property we wanted. When it is time to finally move out, we take all the time to prepare for the big day.
Lo and behold it has been weeks but little has been accomplished. What are you supposed to do? The good news is that there are plenty of moving firms that could help you in every aspect of your move. Yes, they can pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your belongings in a jiffy. Some of them may even offer to set up your stuff in your new home.
Obviously, you need a great deal of money to hire a moving company. If you are falling short on cash, these useful tips will make your self service move a little less cumbersome.
See-through containers are friends - Instead of using typical moving boxes, look for transparent containers to ease the unpacking process. Clear bins and plastic bags are also a great help in storing clothing and food items.
List down everything - Keep a notebook handy and be sure to write down where each container and furniture goes. This list will serve as your guide when searching for your stuff.
Get utilities connected before you arrive - Utilities are necessities and they should be set up and running by the time you reach your new home. The upbeat music coming from your speakers may just be the thing you need to keep yourself motivated while unpacking.