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How to Decide which Removal Service to Choose

One of the biggest decisions to make when moving is deciding on whether or not to hire a removal company. On one hand, you may decide to do everything on your own. If you own a van or truck, you may decide that there is no need to hire a removal company. Similarly, if friends and family are willing to help, then you may decide that the family gets to take part in the joys of removing your possessions. However, if your family are not as enthusiastic about helping you, and you do not own a vehicle large enough to move your items, then you are only left with one option: hire a removal service!   Before hiring a removal company, you need to decide what exactly you want from this service. With a wide variety of removal companies offering many services, you may find yourself confused as to which one you would like to use. Removal companies no longer offer a single, specific service. Removal companies offer many more services such as storage, packing, removal etc. Therefore, doing some research into removal companies and the services they offer would be wise. This way, you can decide on which service you want, and will know which company would offer you that service. There are three main removal services which are offered, and these are going to be outlined in this article. Although these services are widely offered by almost every removal company, you will find that some companies have a certain speciality. It is always better to hire a removal company specialising in the service that you desire. The first common removal service offered is known as Full Service Removers. As the name suggest, this covers all your moving and removal needs. Professional, trained members of staff will be left in charge of your possessions. Not only will they remove and transport your items, but they will also pack them on your behalf and take care of any installation at the new destination. This is by far the least stressful option since it takes a great load off of your mind and shifts some responsibilities from you to someone else. However, a service such as this, which offers everything you could ask for, is also going to be full service priced. It definitely works out to be the most expensive out of the three main services, but you get exactly what you pay for – hassle free moving! The second most common service offered is known as Self Service Removers. This service only offers transportation i.e. driving the vehicle from one destination to another. You solely will be responsible for packing, loading and unloading. Finally, the third most common service offered is the Do it Yourself service. It does what it says on the tin! In this scenario, the only thing you will be hiring is a vehicle. Packing, loading, unloading and in this case even driving is down to you. This works out to be the cheapest service of them all, but at the cost of you having to do everything yourself. The best way to decide on the perfect service for you is to ask yourself “What do I want to save?” If the answer is money, then you should definitely do it yourself. If the answer is time then a full service removal is what you want. If the answer is a bit of both time and money, then the self-service removers are ideal for you. Either way, there is a perfect service out there for you, so you should certainly make the most of it!