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All You Need to Know Before Moving to Wandsworth

If you are planning to move to Wandsworth, you need to possess background information of this part London. It will be beneficial on your behalf if you know about the place you are moving to. In that way, you won't be dumbfounded once you have settled in Wandsworth. Here are few pertinent details you to need to know before you move.   * Wandsworth Forms Part of the Major Centres in Greater London   Situated on the south bank of the River Thames on south-west London, Wandsworth is one of the inner suburbs of London. In the London Plan, Wandsworth is acknowledged as one of the 35 major centres in Greater London.   * It Is a Home for People with Various Lifestyles   Several publications regard Wandsworth as a hotspot for people annually earning £100,000. It is also known as a residential area for hip and cool people, who are largely responsible for shaping the cultural zeitgeist of the United Kingdom. In other words, residents of Wandsworth are very influential tastemakers in arts and culture.     * The Five Major Areas in Wandsworth   So you won't get disoriented once you live there, there are five major areas in Wandsworth.   1. There is the River Front, which is a former wharf area but is now lined up with new apartment blocks, bars, and restaurants.   2. There is the Wandsworth Common, which has one of the most expensive townhouses in London. In addition to that, it also has the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building-one of Wandsworth's most impressive structures.   3. There is East Hill where numerous Victorian houses can be found.   4. There is the popular residential area referred to as The Tonsleys or Old York Road. The houses in this particular area of Wandsworth are quite pricey. They sell from £600k to over £1 million. The reason may be that these houses retained their Victorian features are near the Wandsworth Town train station.   5. There is the Wandsworth High Street commercial complex. Aside from the various cinemas and restaurants, it has the Southside shopping centre.